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Oxford Art Map 2023


Reasons producing the ‘Oxford Art Map’

Application procedure for being part of the ‘Oxford Art Map’


Initial members on the 2023 art map as decided by the organisers and trustees of ‘Oxford Art Map’  The organisers have good experience and knowledge of the arts within Oxford and surrounding areas, including a specific research period to ensure the arts venues placed on the map are valid.


The Art map represents a variety of businesses and organisations across Oxfordshire.  The key criteria is that the venues demonstrate a priority towards the visual arts and show a willingness to be open to the public.  


This map serves a multi purpose of:

1.    Connecting organisations and venues together

2.    Illuminating the visual arts and organisations together for the public *

3.    Serves as a platform for professional and non professional artists seeking to move forward in their career.


* Elevating tourism and local community drive and commerce.


By improving the visibility of the visual arts organisations - the map creates a benchmark for which the visual arts culture of Oxford and Oxfordshire can be recognised.  It improves the relationship between organisations and has the ability to improve the arts community both online and in the real world.


The map is to be considered as a guide and a non competitive platform to improve the diversity, calibre and capacity of the visual arts landscape of Oxfordshire.




Proof of being on creditable arts venue


  • Must portray an active arts programme for at least 12 months

  • Must engage with community and arts community of Oxfordshire

  • Must be open to the public for a minimum period of 12 weeks a year

  • Must have a focus on the visual arts.*  This includes historic and contemporary work.


*    What constitute the visual arts - ie can performance be termed as visual arts - yes according to Tate


Disclosure / Terms


The map is to be reviewed annually by the organisers of ‘Oxford Art Map’ whereby venues can be included, retained or removed. 


The ‘Oxford Art Map’ is to be considered a guide and cannot be held responsible for any changes of venues accessibility and general information.


If changes are made by an arts venue: ie Address, website address or anything that may affect the ‘Oxford Art Map’ directory - then it is up to the venue’s organiser to inform ‘Oxford Art Map’ of any changes.

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